Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday musings

What you don't know about this Sunday photo... that the kids were being so sweet with each other during this self-imposed Creative Time. I was baking bread and listening to Christmas music in the kitchen, and the children were humming along (Carson's got an angelic voice for singing Christmas tunes...when he wants to sing) and/or speaking so kindly to one another about their drawings.
"Carson, I love that ninja!"
"That looks soooo cute, Addie."
"I like your book, Layla."
I was thinking to myself as I took the photo, "Man, they're so sweet. This is a magical kid-family moment. I wish I could record photos with sound. That would be awesome."
Embarrassingly enough, it took me a good 10 seconds to realize, "Oh, wait. I kind of can. It's called video."
On a similar yet unrelated note, Carson has never been one to show much interest in art. Which makes every moment that he gets engrossed in a project like this so much closer to my heartstrings. Lately, he's loved drawing different scenarios, most of which involve ninjas or warriors or zombies. To be honest, they're pretty rudimentary drawings (I often can't tell one stick figure from the next), but he explains them with such a light in his eyes and a vivid story behind his work that I can't help but love them.

 Meanwhile, back at the ranch...  
 ...someone was caught getting herself beautified for church. It's a good look, no?
Happy Sunday in December, everyone.

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