Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Before & After: Rocking Chair

Found this rocking chair on craigslist for $15. I offered a cool $10 cash and carried it out to my van. It was super scratched up and smelled like smoke. Eww.

I took out the rattan on the arms, did a little French-country paint job, re-padded the seat and back, reupholstered with some great neutral Greek key-inspired fabric (from JoAnn's, of all places! I'm impressed!), and trimmed out the top with some French natural nailhead.

The plan is for this chair to find a home in the girls' room (to be completed before the end of 2010, hopefully). Anyway. There you have it.


Laura said...

ummm can I borrow you for a day?

Raechal said...

That's so cute Brit, love it!

val said...

whoa and whoa. love and love.
how awesome that you are brave enough to do that. i've always wanted to try it myself.
ps i'm feeling like i won't make it up your way for a while. i'm so sad and would love to see you!

Lisa Allsop said...

How did you do the nail head? Don't you have to have a special tool? I'm all about upholstery.

Jennifer said...

I love this - you are amazingly talented.

katieo said...

shut. up.
so so so so cute.

(I love that fabric. I have it too...still on the roll...under my bed...intended for throw pillows...someday)

happy thanksgiving!

Brittney said...

laura: YES!! would LOVE to see you & lucy. (fine, trevor too)
lisa: i ordered a roll of nailhead trim from ebay. it's just a huge strip of nailhead where you attach every 5th one or something. seriously. so easy, so great. looks so finished, you know? i think i'm a fan for life.
katie: loving the fact that you have the same fabric. i seriously love it. would've gotten more, but i got the last 2 yards of the bolt.
val: so sad we won't see you! time to set up the timer on my camera. this year's family photo will be one for the books.
all other friends: you are very very nice. stuff like this is not as hard as it might seem. cross my heart.

val said...

are you scared at the amount of comments i've made today?
i left this post "unread" so i could come back and drool again. it ser looks so sharp! way to go. awesome fabric choose, one you can love forever. great trick about the nailhead.
i just bought an old drum from DI and hope to give it new life...somehow. wish we were neighbors...