Thursday, August 1, 2013

Lincoln City, Oregon vacation, days 6&7

On Friday morning, some of the group went on a kid-friendly hike. Our family wasn't among them (we visited a nearby garden instead, which was lovely), so Michelle borrowed my camera and captured the beautiful scene.
Seriously, can you believe places like this actually exist? Amazing.
In addition to the nature-lovingness of the morning, Paul decided he'd like to have a longer kite tail. Longer as in 100 feet long, for stunt flying.
Done and done.
 He mastered that thing. Often, people who were walking the beach would stop for a while and watch. I remember two teenage boys specifically who would, audibly, oooh and aaah and "dude, so cool!" over his stuff.
I love this photo (below) because it happens to capture the horizontally-flying kite pointing exactly at our house for the week. Charlie's Place. "Chuck's," if you will.
Remember how I mentioned that my kite-flying required a full-time launcher due to the crashes? Here's Carson fulfilling the role.
The guys got so good (controlled) at flying the kite that they started getting cocky about their tricks. Paul would make the kite do little "dances" in the air, hovering over someone like it was taunting them. He also loved doing fly-bys. I think this photo below, of acrobatic Michelle avoiding the kite, is evidence.
I didn't bring the camera out that much today. Because as much as I love taking photos, it's nice to live in the moment and not have to worry about capturing it sometimes, you know?
Dinner was Jordan & Katrina's soup bar, complete with a million veggies, sausage, shrimp, ham, and other stuff. So yummy. 
Much of our last day, Saturday, was spent at a place called Fogarty Creek. It was perfection.
We even got a family photo. Wish the ocean could be seen a little better and wish that we'd noticed Paul still had his shades on, but otherwise, it's not bad for an amateur.
 Kind of a family joke, but this one is a hugging pic with someone (in this case, Katrina) extending a loooong arm.
Violet tasting the sand and/or bark on this beach. Yup, still gross. Weird. 
Layla and Ella, being the cute 7- and 8-year-old girls that they are.
This beach was great because it had stuff to climb up, a little creek to play in and around, ocean waves, great sand, and not that much wind. Which actually made it warmer than most days on the beach.
We explored around these rocks.
Violet really fell in love with Michelle...
...and Shay. She's going in for a kiss here.
John, Jennifer, Josh (5), Brooke (3), and Ruby (7 months).
Jordan, Katrina, Evelyn (4), and Cora (1-1/2).
Tonya, Ella (8), Lincoln (6), Logan (5), and Landon (3).
Shay and Michelle.
Paul, Brittney, Carson (8), Layla (7), Addie (4), and Violet (15 months).
The kids liked jumping into the creek. This is a shot of one of the rare times one of them (Evelyn) actually got airborne.
Grampa Larry and Addie (with the help of others) built an impressive rock and stick structure. The sticks on this beach were so cool, worn smooth from the sand, which was more like teensy tiny bits of smooth gravel than sand.
Violet and me.
It was Carson's 9th birthday this day, so he got to be buried first. Lucky...?
Haha. I love this.
Addie wanted in on the fun.
Snack time and sandy feet.
Layla and cousins Lincoln and Ella worked very hard to create this Indian village. Carson kept correcting them that it's a Native American village. The argument continues every time this photo is seen by either one of them.
Addie, enjoying a quiet moment playing something that I can only describe as, "rock family," complete with a rock dad, mom, and some kids/babies.
Dinner was delish John & Jennifer's taco soup. And we woke up at 6 a.m. the next morning to head out, so...vacation over. It was a glorious one. We love this crazy family of ours.


Reesa said...

You guys are so awesome! It was so fun to read about your trip! I really love hearing about Carson correcting his cousins that it was a Native American village. Do me a favor- Go to Youtube and search "Studio C - Indian in the Cupboard". Something tells me that Carson would get every one of their references and find it funny! Love you guys!

val said...

I'm dying a small death because of the beautifulness of these photos. Ill be dreaming of Oregon tonight.

RaeLynn said...

Did somebody get a new camera? You got some stellar shots of this vaca. It looks like so much fun. I lived it vicariously through you...hope you don't mind.