Sunday, October 13, 2013

Violet, meet Nursery

Violet had her first day of nursery at church today. Sis. Norton, the nursery leader, was handing out baby dolls to the nursery girls when Paul opened the door to drop Violet off. Vi shot to the front of that line and didn't look back.
Which, coming from a girl who can't seem to let go of my leg while I'm cooking dinner sometimes, is a shock. An awesome, grin-inducing, dance-of-joy shock. She's happy, we're all happy.
I love this photo below. Runaways. At least they're sticking together.


Mortons Love said...

Both of those shots make me so happy! As does Violet in nursery! Yesterday was a day to remember! Yay Violet!

RaeLynn said...

Not only is that a gorgeous shot of your kids in a truly candid moment--those LEAVES! I feel like a need a long drive up the canyon to get some fresh air. Like, now.